"1... 2... 3... 4, I declare thumb war"

It's not easy growing up. Getting a girlfriend, getting to university, getting on... especially when everyone sees you as a potential terrorist. For Rahul, the events of 7/7 have made it even more difficult to find acceptance. And trust, particularly from his girlfriend's father, is proving elusive.

In TRUE BRITS, his debut play, Vinay Patel (BAFTA Breakthrough Brit) explores the tensions of growing up as a British Asian, wanting to belong to a country that no longer trusts him on sight.

Moving between the events of the July bombings of 2005 and the London Olympics 2012, TRUE BRITS is an honest, humorous and cautiously optimistic play about everyone's need for belonging.

A play about identity, politics and love that you'll want to see.

Written by Vinay Patel

Performed by Maanuv Thiara

Directed by Ed Viney

Produced by Kevin Cattell

Lighting Designed by Rachael Duthie